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  • Sale! RENPHO Mini Massage Gun

    Renpho Massage Gun – Mini Gun

    AED 299

    The mini massage gun is compact yet powerful, the mini is an ultra-portable and lightweight massage gun for on-the-go treatment to treat muscle soreness, relieve tension, and reduce pain. Take your massage anywhere you go with a sleek and lightweight device that packs an incredible punch.


    • Accelerates muscle recovery
    • Increases blood flow
    • Relaxes the body after your intense workout
    • Eases sore muscles
    • Activates your muscles
    • Designed with adjustable settings for your ultimate comfort


  • Sale! RENPHO Percussion Massage Gun

    Renpho Massage Gun – C3 Gun

    AED 409

    C3 Percussion Massage Gun aims to deliver total body relaxation after your intense workout. It’s designed to help promote recovery after working out by working deep into your muscles with 20-speed levels to target tender areas. It’s easy to transport, too, as it’s stored in a neat, storage case that can be slipped into your gym bag.


    • Promotes faster muscle recovery
    • Stimulates blood flow
    • Provides full body relaxation
    • Increase range of motion
    • Activates your muscles
    • Releases stiff muscles





  • Sale! RENPHO Active Massage Gun with Heat Deep Tissue Muscle, Handheld Body Massager

    Renpho Massage Gun – Active

    AED 389

    Top-rated for muscle relaxation on the go, the R3 Active Massage Gun offers the most popular features of a massage gun for everyday users. It’s never been easier to charge on the go with the flexibility of USB charging. The ultra-quiet devices are great to use at the office, gym, or home.


    • Provides relief from your intense post-workout muscle aches on the go
    • Quieter than average massage technology to use anywhere, anytime
    • Comes with 5 built-in speeds to target tender areas
    • Longer battery life for continuous use
    • Promotes faster recovery after your workout routine
    • Designed with adjustable settings for your ultimate comfort




    Renpho Massage Gun Active Thermal

    AED 409

    Whether you’re an athlete or want to de-stress after a tiring day, Active Thermal Massage Gun offers the relaxation you need. This massage gun comes with 1 heating head and 4 standard massage heads to accommodate different parts of your body.


    • Good for muscle relaxation post-workout
    • Customizes massage experience through its adjustable settings
    • Relaxes muscles for workout performance